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Wearable Art



Collaborators: Maggie Yu, Angela Xu (model)

Medium: Second-hand curtains, ripped stockings, cushion inners, white space cotton, black wool, wasted medical tubes, gauze, medical tapes

Recognition: Toi Wearable Arts Competition National Finalist, Highly Recommended; Creative Photo Challenge winner; Showquest On Screen Auckland Regional Third

An hourglass figure, flawless skin, and Bambi eyes. We created a distorted female silhouette that challenge the morbid notion of beauty. It leads to violence, trauma, self-blame, phobias, and internal struggles that only consume and destroy.

Wearable Art



Collaborators: Maggie Yu, Angela Xu

Medium: Cardboard, Kitchen Foils, Tree leaves and branches, black paint, plastic waste, car plate

Recognition: Yale Model United Nations XLV Visual Arts First Place

"Mauri" refers to the elements that bring vitality to an entity: their life essence, source of emotions, life principles and special nature. How can a new life essence emerge after the industrial revolution?
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