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Matariki Market

Type: Graphic Design; Marketing
Deliverables: Poster, Logo, LED Signage, Other Products
Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dimension; Procreate

Game of Guardians Character Design

Type: Game Design; Character Design; Illustration
Deliverables: Original character in three different poses/profiles
Software used: Procreate; Adobe Photoshop

I am very interested in game design, whether it is VR/AR, 3D or 2D. In particular, games that are narrative grounded/driven and concern our present and future. I would love to develop concepts for the Environment + Architecture or Character Design part of a game or film. In this brief, I imagined a "Homodeus Era" for the game where my character is located. Science fiction, anthropology, dystopian worlds, parametric and bio-integrated designs are the inspiration.

Album & Podcast Cover Design

Type: Graphic Design; Product Design; Illustration
Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator; Procreate

The Pure Heroine album cover redesign is for personal/educational purposes only. The podcast design is commissioned, for which the podcast "Bridge to Adulthood" is going to be released soon. 
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