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Dream of Her (Short Animation Film)

May 2022

Type: Frame by Frame; Classic Tweening; Chinese Watercolor Art Style

Length: 30 Seconds

Software used: Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Premiere Pro

I’ve always been intrigued by the emotions portrayed in Chinese historical dramas that are hard to pinpoint in western culture. My inspiraton to directing this project mainly comes from Yang Wentao's dance choreography to the song 《囍》, and Chen Kaige's movie Legend of the Demon Cat (2017). 

The film bases on the idea that the salience of human sadness and agony is only expressed when placed in stark juxtaposition with an ethereal and divine joy. It is a story about her and memories that transcend the fine line of life and death. The rest, like a Chinese watercolour, is empty space. 

City Nights

May 2022

Type: Frame by Frame; Classic and Motion Tweening; Line Art Style

Length: 10 Seconds Loop

Software used: Adobe Animate; Adobe AfterEffects for Adding Music


This lofi loop is collaborative @GeorgeAdams (who created the animation for the wind and rain).


It's Hot Out Here

May 2022

Type: Shape and Motion Tweening; Character Rigging

Length: 3 Seconds

Software used: Adobe Animate


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