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AquaChamber + Aquanaut's Slumber

Feb 2023

Barnard + Columbia Architecture Department, Architectural Design: Environments & Mediations

Course Leader: Lindsay Harkema

Project 0/1 Brief: CareWear / CareSpace

A transitional object is an item, often a toy or stuffed animal, that provides psychological comfort and security to a child as they develop and gain awareness of the world. Contemporary psychology and neuroinclusive discourse extends the significance of physical tactility and sensory stimulation to the emotional experience of people of all ages, and an important component of how they perceive their surroundings and interact socially with others.

For Project 0, students will create a wearable device designed to mediate between the user and their environment, facilitating comfort, sensory awareness and tactile perception. As a continuation of this work in Project 1, students will expand the object into a small occupiable volume designed as space of care and a mediator between the individual and their surrounding environment at large.



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  • Joan Tronto, “Caring Architecture”

  • Juhani Pallasmaa, Eyes of the Skin, pp.18-22,43-63

  • Ackerman, Joshua M., Christopher C. Nocera, John A. Bargh. “Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social

    Judgments and Decisions,” Science. Vol. 328, 2010, p. 1712-1715.


The feeling of being underwater relaxs me. Whether it is that five minutes of zoning out in a hot shower, a lap swimming session in the pool, or lying on a floatie in the ocean- water is a medium of care and meditation. It provides a relief, a safe space, to reconnect with our bodily and spiritual selves. Hence, for this project, I chose to explore how that experience can be emulated through the design of a space (AquaChamber) and wearable device (Aquanaut's Slumber).

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AA Summer: About A New Togetherness

July 2022

Unit 9: Of What We Will

Unit Leaders: Davis Richardson, Chris Gardner

Silo Park Reimagination Project

Softwares used: Rhino, Procreate, Photoshop


Due to the pandemic, public activities have become less active in Auckland CBD. The Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter waterfront features seven conserved post-industrial cement silos. My project question is about turning something post-industrial, solid, and serious into a place for leisure. The premise of the site presents a dichotomy between the gray, monumental, seemingly unhygienic presence of the silos and the function of public swimming where health is prioritized.  My design imagines an organic and playful tensile structure that spans across the site, weaving a new visual language of lattice and cylindrical forms through nets. This vessel acts as a mediator, making the user feel sheltered and included. Water becomes more visible and dynamic.

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UCLA Teen ArchStudio PLUS 

July 2020

Pavilion Design Project, for UCLA campus on-site

Softwares used: Photoshop, Illustrator

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