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Night Visions

Location: Auckland CBD, New Zealand
Software used: Adobe Lightroom

Light signs, commodities, art, love in private versus on display, work, leisure, affection, loneliness, struggle, wanderers, destination, coincidences, stories being created and told... Our paths converge, cross, then diverge. All fused together in this giant web of dreams, fears, and desires under the uncertain flickers of light in the night. This tide of momentum ebbs and swells, providing the soundtrack for the melodrama of life. I tried to capture the zeitgeist of our time in this series of street photography.


Category: Dance, Fashion, Concept Photography
Camera: Sony
Software used: Adobe Lightroom
Recognition: 2020 Bright Awards Photography Category Winner [Media Design School; National- New Zealand]
Judge's Comment:
Amy’s ‘Breathing- Monotone Photography’ composition is a collection of black and white photos that represent a quest to let go of our negative thoughts. Her photos represent the lockdown and the heavy feelings associated with it. The judges commented that “the movement shows the necessity of overcoming these feelings... and keep moving forward.The choice of black and white is excellent. Overall a very good concept. The lighting and composition are spot on.”

Monstrous Entanglements

Category: Architecture, Urban, Concept Photography
Camera: Sony
Software used: Adobe Lightroom
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