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Fine Art


2020-2021 (IB Visual Arts HL)


My body of work is inspired by French philosopher Michel Serres’ book Le Parasite. In English, a parasite is an organism that feeds off its host, or the unwelcome social guest. In French, it also infers noise. I use parasitisim as a lens to looking at the web of environmental and social crisises we face today. The pandemic becomes a catalyst for change. I entangle and deconstruct materials into a web of chaos until new mutualistic relations are formed. My pieces are in constant growth and decay, questioning the meaning of our very own existence in the world. 

  • PARASITE X (triptych)

  • The Feast

  • Brimming Cities

  • Noise

  • 1/2

  • Apocalypse

Other Works

Recognition for Habitat: The Art of Science Competition 2021 Masters Top 10 [University of Canterbury; National- New Zealand]

The themes are always the same: the self and the built environment. 

Material Investigation & Process

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